New Patient Forms

When  you book an appointment with us you’ll automatically be emailed forms via our JANE clinic software.  If you prefer to download the forms here to fill them out the good old fashioned way, that’s fine too.

New Patient Forms for Downloading (vs auto-email):


Services & Fees

Naturopathic doctors value the time they spend with their patients and our patients appreciate the level of service they receive. Unlike conventional medical doctors, we can charge for our time and can therefore offer as much time as needed to provide thorough, compassionate medical care.

Visits to the Doctors:

The initial visit

This is 45 to 60 minutes long and the fees include the doctor’s time spent thoroughly reading your extensive medical history forms.

  • Initial visit – $175
Follow-up visits

These are 25 minutes long, giving you ample time to discuss your program with your doctor.

  • Follow-up visit fee – $87
Extended follow-up visits

These are 55 minutes long, allowing for more in-depth discussion of your case, a homeopathic consultation, or a Relaxation Training session.

  • Extended follow-up fee – $150
Brief visits

These are 12 minutes long and are intended for simple prescription refills or program check-ins.

  • Brief visit fee – $45
Acupuncture with Dr. Peters
  • Initial Acupuncture visit – $125
  • Follow Up Acupuncture visit – $95
Spinal Manipulation with Dr. Peters
  • Initial visit –  $80
  • Follow up visit –  $50


Laboratory Testing:

Full medical lab testing is available. Prices vary according to the tests chosen. PAP smears are available, and the fee is the same as a follow-up visit.

Skin Prick Allergy Testing for Inhalant Allergies:

Skin Prick allergy testing information
Fee –  $127

Allergy desensitization information – ask about our two forms of non-needle allergy desensitization for inhalant allergies. 


Food sensitivity testing:

Email our office for information about our comprehensive food sensitivity testing.


Laser Therapy – click to learn more

  • One small area: 15 minutes of laser + 15 mins of set up  – $53
  • One large area or two small areas: 30  minutes of laser +15 mins of set up –  $95
  • Three areas : 45 minutes of laser + 15 minutes of set up – $138


Health Insurance and Naturopathic Care

  • No referral is necessary to see a naturopathic physician.
  • Private extended medical plans most often provide some coverage for naturopathic services and lab work. Contact your extended medical plan company to find out the specific details of your policy. The patient is responsible for submitting their receipt for extended health reimbursement.
  • MSP offers some financial help for mid-low income people.  This Supplementary Benefit Program is available for people whose household income is less than $42,000 per year or $3000 more for each senior or child in the home. It provides a reimbursement to your home address for $23 per visit, ten times a year.  It can be used for a combination of ten visits per year for naturopathic physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists.  Our office submits the paperwork for the MSP reimbursement which is then mailed directly to your home within about six weeks. Please remind the secretary at each visit that you are on the MSP program. 



The British Columbia Naturopathic Association


The College of Naturopathic Physicians of B.C.


The Canadian Association Naturopathic Doctors