Coconut oil is being touted as the new superfood. Dr. Oz says its “the miracle fat that fights fat.” Here’s the real skinny on coconut oil and weight loss. This oil is about 50% medium chain tryglyerides, which go straight to the liver where they are burned as fuel and raise the metabolism slightly. One to two tablespoons a day would cause you to burn about 60 more calories. But wait a minute. Two tablespoons of coconut oil contains about 200 calories. Do the math. Don’t consume extra calories in coconut oil thinking it will help you lose weight. Even in studies that compared people asked to eat two tablespoons of coconut oil vs the same amount of another oil didn’t show any difference in weight or waist line. The most successful method for lasting weight loss I’ve come across is to address emotional eating. Learning mental and emotional mastery through goal setting, mindfulness and relaxation techniques helps people lose weight and grow into a calmer, happier person at the same time. I love sharing these important tools with my patients and seeing make the real changes necessary to achieve their long term goal of great health.

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