Naturopathic physicians offer extensive services for people with allergies. We have long acknowledged the impact that both food and inhalant allergies can have on creating a wide array of health issues. At MCNM we offer three methods of allergy testing:

Once we have identified the offending allergies, I provide thorough coaching for my patient on how to avoid their allergens and help them find freedom from allergies through desensitization techniques:
Sublingual Immuno Therapy – SLIT
Miller Method
So, whether you have food allergies or seasonal / inhalant allergies, naturopathic protocols can help you find relief.


Allergy Skin Tests “Scratch Testing”
Food Allergy Testing (Vega testing)
Possible Symptoms of Food Allergies /Intolerances
Natural Therapies for Seasonal Allergies
Allergy Desensitization Information – Miller Method
Sublingual Immunotherapy for Allergy elimination (SLIT)
Vega Allergy Testing
Treating Sinusitis Naturally