Naturopathic Medicine For The Women Of The Cariboo

Do you have questions about your hormones?

Are you struggling to get real answers to your women’s health concerns?

My goal in working with women is to create a safe place for them to talk about their health issues and goals and to discuss a full range of treatment options from lifestyle and natural medicines to pharmaceutical options.

Hormonal health has been a cornerstone of my practice for 27 years. Naturopathic medicine has a long history of excellent gynecological education for its physicians and many women’s health issues can often be effectively treated with naturopathic protocols.  ND’s can prescribe hormones, so can discuss options such as bio-identical hormone therapy and oral contraceptives.

Whether you want to find solutions for menstrual issues like heavy bleeding, cramps, endometriosisPCOSPMS or thyroid issues or you are in perimenopause or menopause, I can provide answers to your questions and solutions to your issues. I work with people trying to conceive / dealing with infertility. I offer a wide range of options for hormone testing that can be tailored to your unique situation.

It’s all about knowing your options and being supported in your choices.

Enjoy a visit in the privacy of your own home. Our secure video program called Jane, allows you to work with an acclaimed naturopathic doctor with 27 years of experience helping women, without having to travel out of town.

Extended health insurance usually can be put towards naturopathic visit fees and lab tests. Any lab requisitions I write can be taken to your local Lifelabs.

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