Book telephone or video consultations with Dr. Deidre Macdonald and Dr. Shawn Peters, NDs

Dr. Macdonald and Dr. Peters offer telephone or video consultations so you can enjoy your visit in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. Video calls are a great way to connect; almost as good as a face-to-face meeting.

For video calls, we are using the JANE platform, as it offers scheduling of appointments and is easy to use. JANE has the security features doctors need. We are very happy with the security and functionality of JANE.

As of May 11, we are open for drop in for supplement refills.

Or we offer non-contact pick up during office hours. We can also mail them directly to you (free shipping on orders over $100).

How to “see” Dr. Macdonald or Dr. Peters via telemedicine

  1. Book your appointment by calling the office at 250 897-0235 during business hours, Monday to Friday.
  2. You’ll receive your video appointment access link by email.
  3. Right before the time of your appointment, you will open the email, click the access link to enter into a virtual waiting room. We suggest starting a few minutes early.
  4. Your device may prompt you to enable your camera and microphone, please do so. Click yes to “use internet audio”
  5. Your Naturopathic doctor will activate the video when they are ready to see you. Please be patient if they are running a little late.
  6. When the consult is over, a member of our team will call you to process payment, prepare orders for mail or pickup, and schedule your next appointment.

Tips for a successful experience

  • Make sure you are in a quiet and private space. Put the pets away and tell your housemates you need some quiet time.
  • Have a few things handy such as notepaper and pen as well as other things you might want to discuss like logs, labs, medicines, or supplements.
  • You can use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer… as long as it has a microphone, speakers and a camera.
  • To optimize your device’s function it’s wise to close unnecessary internet tabs as they use up memory.
  • We’ll be sending you a consent form for video calls… it includes some important tips too.

Call now to book an appointment

250 897-0235 or email