Children and Youth

What a delight it is for me to work with families to enhance the health of children. It is unfortunate to see children enduring pain, or struggling with physical problems or cognitive/behavioural issues. Naturopathic medical protocols provide safe and effective methods for the treatment of children’s health issues such as: eczema, allergies, asthma, infections, ADHD, digestive issues and more.

Children’s bodies generally respond very well to naturopathic treatments. We seek to find the true cause of the symptoms their bodies have manifested. We work together to remove stresses on the body and use natural medicines to build up the body’s ability to heal itself. After working with hundreds of children over the years, I can say that we generally resolve children’s health concerns quickly with naturopathic medicine. While I can prescribe antibiotics and various medications for eczema and asthma, I find that we can often create a lasting resolution of problems by using safe, effective naturopathic protocols.

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