Children’s health

What a delight it is for me to work with families to enhance the health of children. It is unfortunate to see children enduring pain, or struggling with physical problems or cognitive/behavioural issues. Naturopathic medical protocols provide safe and effective methods for the treatment of children’s health issues such as: eczema, allergies, asthma, infections, ADHD, digestive issues and more.

Children’s bodies generally respond very well to naturopathic treatments. We seek to find the true cause of the symptoms their bodies have manifested. We work together to remove stresses on the body and use natural medicines to build up the body’s ability to heal itself. After working with hundreds of children over the years, I can say that we generally resolve children’s health concerns quickly with naturopathic medicine. While I can prescribe antibiotics and various medications for eczema and asthma, I find that we can often create a lasting resolution of problems by using safe, effective naturopathic protocols.


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I am writing on behalf of my two and a half year old daughter who finally, after a year and a half of pain and discomfort, is now experiencing relief. From the time she was about a year old, Emily was having problems pooping. She would go anywhere from 4-11 days without a bowel movement. In the course of a year and a bit, she saw more than a dozen different doctors who wrote it off as being fairly normal. They gave her 6 or 7 different synthetic laxatives, one after another and one not working for more than a week or so. Finally I made an appointment with Dr. Deidre Macdonald, where I finally had someone listen and I got RESULTS! After having an allergy test done on her (which took maybe 25 minutes at the most) it was determined that she had very high levels of yeast in her GI tract as well as being allergic to wheat, cow’s milk, goats milk, and bananas. Well, no wonder she was always bunged!! So after countless number of hours in the emergency room, and doctors offices, I finally got results after a simple little allergy test. After getting rid of the yeast in her system and a pretty strict diet to get her body normal again, she is “normal”. I am happy to report that she poops at least once a day now with no pain. She sleeps better and eats more now in a day than she ever did before in a week. Thank you, Dr. Macdonald….I am sure to you she was just another client, but to us she was our little baby girl who was in a lot of pain and discomfort. You helped her and for that we are grateful to you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Emily Motley – 2.5 years old

When I first heard of this Naturopathic Doctor, (Dr. Macdonald), I thought that she would be very experienced in Natural Medicines, and when I went to her office, I was quite right but when I listened to all the very smart things she was saying, she was even more experienced than I thought. When it was time to leave from my 1st appointment, I thought about my life, and how much it would change in the most excellent way! When she told me on my next appointment with the nurse that I was allergic to all sorts of things (including milk) I was a bit sad, but I got through it and started on my new diet, (with my flax seed oil and other very healthy medicines). It seemed hard at first to get used to, and my mom had to run all over the place to get me special things to eat, but and now I am not on any medication at all, and I have lost so much weight, and feel much healthier and active. I went on an 8 mile bike ride some days ago, and I had so much energy! And it’s all because of my mom and this wonderful Doctor who made my life a whole lot easier, for a young child with hopes and dreams for a better, happier, and healthier lifestyle. For a kid, who hopes all the people with asthma could experience this experience one day and be a whole lot happier. All to the Naturopathic Doctors, all you!
I’ve never felt this good before, but when I went into a doctor’s office, it was only for 2 minutes or so. Dr. Macdonald spent an hour, or hour and a half, or an hour and 15 minutes with me and made a much bigger difference, much bigger! Thank you.

-Ashley Tennant, 13 years old

I took my 2 year old son to see Dr. Macdonald after he had been diagnosed with asthma and allergies by our family physician. He was on two different types of inhalers from the age of 4 months and was still coughing all day and night.

Dr. Macdonald was quickly able to diagnose his many food and environmental allergies and gave me a great deal of information about what he could eat as well. She was very knowledgeable and reassuring, which allowed us to easily and effectively remove all his food allergies. As a result of not eating all the foods he was allergic to, his immunity is stronger and he no longer has any allergies to house dust, dust mites, grass and mould.

My 2 1/2 year old son is now very healthy, has no cough at all and has not needed to use his inhalers even once in the last 6 months! Thank you so much Dr. Macdonald for saving our son from a lifetime of asthma and allergies!!!

-Lisa Gresko and Paul Lloyd, Courtenay, BC