Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

Naturopathic Benefit Frequently Asked Questions:


There’s good news for Canadian Veterans. Medavie Blue Cross has expanded their health insurance benefits to include naturopathic physicians, enhancing their healthcare options and promoting holistic wellness. 

Naturopathic medicine is grounded in the philosophy of treating the whole person, rather than just symptoms. With an emphasis on personalized care and evidence-based practices, veterans can expect to receive comprehensive, safe, common-sense health care from their naturopathic doctor. 

Naturopathic physicians typically have eight years of university education and dig deep into your medical history, conduct physical exams, and analyze blood work. From there, they craft plans that combine natural therapies, lifestyle adjustments, and, when needed, prescription medications, physical therapy, and acupuncture. It’s all about putting veterans in control of their health journey and helping them maintain their vitality.

This collaboration between Veterans Affairs and naturopathic physicians across Canada introduces a fresh perspective on healthcare, focusing on a holistic approach that underscores veterans’ overall wellbeing.


What is the Naturopathic benefit?

Veterans Affairs Canada covers up to a maximum of $240 per calendar year for the cost of naturopathic consultations provided by an approved naturopathic doctor.

Dr. Macdonald and Dr. Peters are approved / registered VAC providers with Medavie Blue Cross.

Payments are made up front at the clinic and then the veteran submits the receipts for reimbursement. See below. 

Which naturopathic treatments or services ARE covered?

This benefit covers naturopathic consultations and assessments provided by an approved naturopathic doctor.

Coverage does NOT include:

  • Some specialized treatments
  • Prescription medications
  • Supplements 
  • Laboratory tests/bloodwork


Who is eligible for this coverage?

All Veterans eligible for Treatment Benefits are eligible for this benefit, but not their spouses or children. 


How do I apply for coverage of naturopathic services?

All veterans eligible for Treatment Benefits can submit requests for reimbursement of naturopathic consultations to Medavie Blue Cross of up to $240.00 per year towards naturopathic consultations and assessments. No pre-authorization or referrals are necessary. 


What if I spend more than the allotted $240 per year? 

$240 per year is the maximum coverage available, with no exceptions. Additional service fees would be then paid out of pocket. 


How are my naturopathic consultation or assessment costs reimbursed?

If you have paid for your naturopathic consultation or assessment from a provider, please mail the completed form (we have some on hand) and your receipts within 18 months from the date you received your assessment or consultation to:

Medavie Blue Cross:

National Reimbursement Centre

PO Box 6700

Moncton, NB, E1C 0T8

If you have another insurance plan, use up that one first, then you can also send in receipts (with the form) for reimbursement of additional expenses to the above address.