Unravelling the Mystery of Autism

The idea that autism is a mysterious brain disorder with no treatment is outdated.  There is evidence that the digestive system of autistic children is profoundly different and that those gut changes affect the brain. Dr David Suzuki’s video, “Autism Enigma” explains the link quite nicely.  Naturopathic physicians are well versed in the biological treatment of autism. Thankfully, there is hope and help for parents desperate to help their children.

Individulized testing can often illumnate the unique biochemistry of an autistic child.  Treatments that target restoration of the intestinal flora are critical.  While autistic kids are known to be picky eaters, introducing hypo-allergenic foods can calm the gut and reduce opioid-like effects on the brain. Specific nutrients have been shown to help enhance brain function in autism and Asperger’ Syndrome.  Each child is unique and special and deserves an individualized protocol to help them become the best they can be.