Sports Injuries and Laser Therapy

Want to know a secret that professional athletes use to get a competitive edge? In addition to hard work, genetics, and the will to win, many athletes have something else on their side: laser therapy.
Sports injury rehabilitation is all about getting back in the game quickly and with optimal functioning. Cold Laser Therapy is a fast, effective tool for the treatment of sports injuries. Over the past nine years I have helped hundreds of athletes and weekend warriors overcome injuries so that they can do their rehab exercises and return to the sports they love.
Laser therapy is used by professional sports teams and athletes to accelerate healing and provide pain relief. For the past decade, it has revolutionized treatment in the professional sports world including NBA, NFL, NHL and USA cycling athletes, as well as Ironman triathlon competitors, college athletes, elite runners and more.
Hundreds of placebo controlled studies have proven the safety and effectiveness of this physical therapy modality. For instance, tennis elbow completely resolved in 82% of acute cases in a placebo controlled study. Soccer players with sprained ankles showed much less swelling if they were treated with laser therapy vs. placebo treatment. Plantar fasciitis, a common cause of foot pain in athletes, has been shown to resolve more quickly with laser therapy. Many studies have shown that knee, back and shoulder injuries heal faster with laser therapy, a result I see commonly in my practice.
Pain is a symptom of injury. Laser therapy doesn’t just mask the symptoms, it treats the injury by activating and accelerating the healing process. Your pain is alleviated because the injury has improved or been cured. So don’t let injuries keep you out of the game. Get back into your fitness regime with the help of laser therapy.