Dr. Macdonald is pleased to offer a quick, painless and effective method of allergy desensitization.

Who would use this technique?

People with inhalent allergies like dust, pets, trees, weeds and grass.

How does it work?

A nurse analyzes your allergies with the vega testing method of allergy testing. She then uses the vega machine to assess your tolerance of homeopathic dilutions of the allergen chosen for desensitization. A small amount of a safe, homeopathic dilution is then squirted under your tongue. After a few minutes, the nurse retests you and typically is able to give you a more concentrated solution with each subsequent “round”. By the end of the procedure, you will not test allergic to the allergen. Two allergens can be desensitized in one session.

How well does this method work?

This technique has been very successful in helping people with inhalent allergies. About 70% of patients report being extremely satisfied or very satisfied with the results.

Sometimes a booster is required to augment or maintain the benefits but generally one or two treatments is all that is needed to rid people of their allergy symptoms. Many of Dr. Macdonald’s patients have gratefully reported that they were able to stop taking antihistamines and/or reduce their use of asthma puffers.

What are the side effects?

This procedure is very safe and non-invasive. In rare circumstances, mild allergic symptoms may emerge during the procedure in which case the procedure is stopped. The nurse is trained in emergency procedures should an unexpected allergic reaction occur. None have been reported.

Testimonials from patients:

What is the fee for allergy desensitization?

1st treatment – $80.00

Booster of same substances – $40.00

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