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Possible Symptoms of Food Allergies /Intolerances
Adverse reactions to foods or beverages can be as subtle as a runny nose or as dramatic as severe depression. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may have a food allergy/intolerance.  rapid pulse after eating gas and bloating abdominal discomfort constipation diarrhea heartburn weight gain skin rashes, eczema, hives tired after eating swelling of body
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Allergy Skin Tests “Scratch Testing”
During an allergy skin test, your skin is exposed to allergy-causing substances (allergens) and then is observed for signs of a local allergic reaction, like redness and mild swelling. Dr. Macdonald’s scratch allergy testing identifies allergies to cats, dogs, dust mites, mould, western tree mix, grass mix, weeds, feathers, horse epith and red alder. Along with your medical
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